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Don’t Let Your Lawsuit Suffer from Mishandled Paperwork

Keanu K. Krause of Hilo, Hawaii was recently arrested on a number of charges including unauthorized entry to a motor vehicle, third-degree theft, three counts of second-degree theft, and four counts of unauthorized control of a stolen vehicle. However, after his most recent court hearing, a paperwork mix-up led to Krause’s unintentional release from prison. According to Deputy Prosecutor Rick Damerville, “After his most recent court hearing, the sheriffs took him back to HCCC without the court’s bail order… Without the paperwork, the jail didn’t have the authority to hold him.” Continue reading

The Importance of Using an Accredited FAPPS Process Server

When you have an important legal matter to handle, you deserve to know that all essential legal documents are served and delivered with precision, efficiency, and speed. There are many process servers throughout the state of Florida, but only process servers who are accredited through the Florida Association of Professional Process Servers have the qualifications that help them go above and beyond to provide excellent service. Continue reading

Understanding Everything Your Court Papers Contain

When you hear a knock at your door, you assume it is a friend, family member, or even UPS delivery person. But when you open the door to find a process server standing on your porch, you might feel a dramatic swing of emotions like stress, anger, fear, and confusion. The process server will hand you court documents that indicate your involvement in a court case, and it will be your responsibility to read those documents and understand the content inside. Continue reading

Can Process Servers Access Gated Communities?

Many high-end communities across Florida have gated entries, especially the neighborhoods where retirees like to settle. The residents of these communities pay extra Homeowner’s Association fees in order to benefit from the extra privacy that gated entrances offer, and part of that privacy has for many years included an escape from process servers. This means that foreclosure notices, divorce papers, ticket summons, and other important legal documents cannot be delivered to their intended recipients at home. Continue reading

The Supreme Court Weighs in on Process to Foreign Defendants

globeA trial held in the Texas Court of Appeal, Fourteenth District has been brought to the Supreme Court for resolution, and the Supreme Court is now expected to make a decision regarding process to foreign defendants that will impact federal court cases as well. The original court case, Menon v. Water Splash, Inc. involved Menon attempting to appeal her trial court’s default judgment against her after she failed to answer service of process. Continue reading

The Unique Nature of Serving Papers on Native American Reservations

 Unlike standard American neighborhoods throughout the country, Native American reservations function under their own set of laws. The incredibly complicated past of the Native Americans, particularly in correlation with colonization and Western Expansionism, culminated in Native Americans and their reservations being placed under the direct control and power of the federal government. This is a stark contrast to other U.S citizens, who answer to their state governments for most matters. This relationship with the federal government means that service of process on an Indian reservation requires a special set of approaches.
Continue reading

Four Reasons You Might Need to Hire a Process Server

Accurate Serve Counties of ServiceThere are plenty of professionals that you are familiar with paying in order to complete some type of task for you: a landscaper, a party planner, and a plumber, for instance. But what about a process server? Until you need a process server, you may not even realize the job exists! Process servers serve many crucial roles, and when it comes to lawsuits, you may find yourself needing their help for any of the following reasons.

First- What is a Process Server? Continue reading

Wells Fargo Works to Minimize Legal Trouble

wellsThings haven’t been pretty for Wells Fargo Bank lately. Trouble began in the fall when federal regulators ordered the bank to pay nearly $200 million in fines as a response to the discovery that Wells Fargo employees had secretly created millions of unauthorized bank and credit card accounts without customer approval. This secret account and card opening had been occurring since 2011, tricking customers into paying fines on accounts they didn’t even know they had in their name. Continue reading

Can Landlords Accelerate the Eviction Process?

evictionIf you are a residential or commercial landlord, you are probably familiar with the long and complicated process of evicting a tenant from your property. Despite the credit checks and references required to obtain a rental property, it’s a common problem for tenants to encounter financial setbacks and default on their rent payments. This leaves you, the property owner or manager, to watch out for your own interests by commencing the eviction process. Continue reading

Find Out How Facebook is Playing a Role in Divorce Proceedings

facebookAll spouses react differently when a divorce becomes imminent. Some file divorce papers within days, while others remain separated for months or years before beginning to consider an official divorce. If you are among the latter group, it is completely possible that you actually don’t even know the whereabouts of your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Assuming you have both moved on with your lives throughout a long separation, the biggest challenge to obtaining a divorce could be locating your ex. Continue reading