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“Criminal lawyers see bad people at their best, and divorce lawyers see good people at their worst.”

Crime and subsequent arrests are a fact of life. Whether from stealing or placing another person at risk, people head to jail every day. The amount of time the violator spends in a jail depends on the strength of that person’s attorney. If you find yourself in a precarious criminal situation, ask for referrals, check clerk websites to see who represents people in similar cases, and hire the best lawyer that you can in the Tallahassee area.

At Accurate Serve, we are here to help you with the process serving side of the equation. Every month we serve many criminal witness subpoenas in the greater Tallahassee area, and even around the state. Criminal witness subpoenas gather witnesses that will speak to help your case in court. Since not many people want to voluntarily spend a day or week in court to testify, the subpoenas compel them to attend. There are a lot of complexities regarding serving criminal witness subpoenas and lucky for you, we know those ins and outs.