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Diligent Searches

What Information Will a Diligent Search Provide?

A Diligent Search will provide more comprehensive information on the individual, with slightly different end purpose.

A Full Skip Trace – To give you the full background of the person in question.

Location of the Individual – This type of search assists those who are also physically searching for the person.

Often in life, our loved ones or business partners past and present can suddenly decide to take a different path. When this becomes a problem is when the person must be located for legal proceedings. If you must find an old business partner in order to close a company, then a Diligent Search might be performed. If you want sole custody over your child and the other parent has been absent for years, a Diligent Search is called for.

Next Steps

When a person is searched for via Diligent Search, generally he or she is a witness or defendant in a legal proceeding. After a Diligent Search, the private investigator or private process server must then create an Affidavit of Diligent Search. This document is important in the case that the Diligent Search fails, in which case it must be handed in to the attorney who will represent the missing party.

As per Chapter 49 of the Florida Statutes, the attorney must then serve by publication in a Constructive Service of Process, by publishing in a local legal publication that the defendant “is hereby served.”