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Document Retrievals

As a practicing attorney, you most likely have a number of different cases going on at any given time. You barely have time to concentrate on any one case before your attention is diverted to another. But no matter the type of law you’re practicing, be it divorce, foreclosure, or criminal, there’s one constant you’ll always need to close out any case: court documents.

As a divorce lawyer, you need records of any jointly owned properties, criminal histories, and a number of other important documents filed across a number of different court systems and county clerks. As a foreclosure lawyer, you need property deeds, late warnings, and dozens of others documents to close out the case. As a criminal lawyer, you need past convictions, motions, probationary records and a plethora of others no matter which side you’re working on. There’s no doubt that any attorney needs an intimidating amount of court documents just to close out any case.

Right to Your Email

What if you could have each document you need show up miraculously in your email? What if you could start in on your case without worrying about tracking down all the different documents you need from uncooperative ad disorganized courts? Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? By using a document retrieval service, you can leave all the hassle of document retrieval behind, all those hours of dealing with different retrieval systems and courts. No longer will you waste the manpower of your staff, sending them out on the document hunt. You can put them to work on the case at hand where they belong.

Within days or even hours, all the documents you need for your case will be safely in your email and ready for use. It really is that easy.

Multiple Cases

Document retrieval cases don’t need to be relegated to just one case. Use them for all your cases and save on dozens of hours of tracking down documents each week. You can increase productivity significantly by continued use of a document retrieval service. All you have to do to deal with each case that comes across your desk is call your dedicated service and give them a list of the documents they need to it track down. Then, you can get to work and leave the document retrieval to the experts.

For each case you work on, any time you need a document, you’ll be only a phone call away from having it in our inbox. As an attorney, you’ll surely know that this service is priceless when it comes to productivity and closing cases.