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Eviction Summons

Florida’s Eviction Law: Two TypesThe Great Recession has taken its toll on landlords as well. With the unemployment rate still hovering above seven percent, many tenants are unable to make rent payments. When this or another leasing violation occurs, landlords must turn to Florida’s legal eviction process.

Two types of evictions exist under Florida laws, both of which are promptly and professionally served by Accurate Serve of Tallahassee.

Three-Day Evictions – Used when tenant fails to pay rent
Seven-Day Evictions – Deal with other violations, like criminal activity or unauthorized pets

Statewide Eviction Rules

These eviction laws and notification periods are a statewide standard, designed to protect both landlord and tenant, regardless of where in the state the case is filed.

Once legal cause is established, the tenant has either three or seven days to resolve the problem or face eviction. If the tenant can’t be found, the clerk of court will deliver the notification by mail. The defendant then has five days to contest the case, or a default judgment is issued for the landlord and the tenant must vacate the property within 24 hours.