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Family Law

Family law is the realm of law that deals with family matters and domestic relationships, including divorce, adoption, and child custody. These matters can be exciting or devastating times in a person’s life, and the guarantee of effective process serving during these proceedings can make everything much easier.

A Rising Divorce Rate

Divorce, also known as a dissolution of marriage, is a stressful, often emotionally devastating trend that unfortunately seems to be growing in America. Legal representation is a core element to achieving a smoother and less stressful divorce process, and though we can’t provide legal counsel, Accurate Serve can ensure that your divorce papers are delivered to the opposing party by the best and most efficient process servers in the Tallahassee area. Divorce papers must be provided through proper service of process, which involves a summons and petition for dissolution of marriage to be personally delivered to the other party. Since this service process must meet strict delivery regulations, leave the responsibility in our hands.

Growing your Family                  

Nothing is more precious to a parent than his or her child, which leads many parents to adopt. While the adoption process is exciting, it’s also difficult and often requires a trustworthy attorney who can advocate for the best adoption experience. A professional process server is just as vital to the adoption process as a lawyer, since the process server is tasked with performing diligent searches for missing people and notifying opposing parties of upcoming court dates.

Child custody disputes are also a major occurrence as parents and even grandparents fight for the rights of child custody due to divorce, negligent parenting, and other sensitive situations. These cases usually involve extreme emotions, which is why choosing a professional, experienced process server is vital. At Accurate Serve, we send only the best process servers to deliver sensitive child custody paperwork to birth parents.

Child Support Responsibilities

As a product of divorce and child custody battles, child support is also a tricky, often hostile battleground. Cases range from first time arrangements to decade-old agreements that must be modified due to custody or lifestyle changes. If you need child support papers served to the opposing party, trust Accurate Serve with the delicate task and rest easy knowing that your case papers have been properly delivered.

Just One Limitation

It’s not often we say “can’t,” but we can NOT serve Domestic Violence Injunctions due to Florida’s law that such injunctions are enforceable only by the Sheriff.

From divorce to child custody to financial support, the family law process servers at Accurate Serve are here to guarantee your most important papers are delivered in a timely, efficient, and trustworthy manner.