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How Process Servers Are Protected

When you have a legal matter that needs papers served to another party, your best bet is to hire a private process server to handle the matter for you. However, many people do not consider the dangers that a private process server is in every day while doing their job. Thankfully, private process servers are protected by the law. Here’s what you need to know if you have a difficult serve coming up.

Non-Violent Refusal of Service

According to Florida state law, an individual being served with papers must accept them and cannot refuse them. If an individual lies about who they are to a process server or otherwise refuses to accept the papers, the process server can contact the police or sheriff for assistance. If the individual is making threats, but is non-violent, they can be cited for it and charged with a misdemeanor.

Violent Refusal of Service

Sometimes private process servers have to deal with some very volatile people. But private process servers are providing an invaluable service to the courts; and, because of that, they want to protect them from harm as much as possible. For that reason, it is a felony to strike or otherwise attack a private process server. Most private process servers carry some type of weapon, even if it is just mace, and they can call police for backup at any time.

Rules for Private Process Servers

In spite of these crimes that can be committed against a private process server, process servers are still civilians. This means that they must obey all of the same laws that everyone else must obey. They may not trespass to serve papers, and they are not able to commit violence other than in reasonable self-defense. 

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