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How Social Media Is Used by Private Process Servers

Private process servers use a number of tools to locate people and serve papers. Skip tracing, digital public records, GPS, and other technology allow them to do their job correctly and efficiently. With the constantly changing times, private process servers must update or add new technology to assist them. Social media is one of the things that private process servers are really starting to use more frequently.

Locating Resident City

While it is true that some people do not update their city on social media quickly or at all, often the city and state listed on social media is accurate. If an individual has moved and you aren’t sure of their new location, this can give the process server or skip tracer a starting point in trying to find them. 

Locating Employer

Most people are happy about changing jobs or starting a new job after a period of unemployment. Because of this, they are quick to announce their new job on social media platforms, even adding it to their profile. You can be fairly certain that the employer listed on a profile is the most recent. In most cases, legal papers can be served at their place of employment if no other information is known about their whereabouts.

Identity Verification

While not everyone has a clear picture of themselves as their profile pic, many people do. If the person you are looking for has a profile pic that is clearly them, the process server will have a way to verify who he is speaking with. This negates people trying to claim that they are not who they are to avoid being served.

If you need papers served, you want a process server that uses all of the tools at their disposal. Contact us today for more information or to get started.