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Mistakes to Avoid When Process Serving

When you’re working as a process server, there’s a lot to remember. You have to keep the cases you’re working on separated, remember vital information about targets, file proofs with the courts, and notify clients of the status of their specific cases. It’s no wonder that organization is one of the key characteristics of great process servers! Organized process servers avoid making mistakes that could add extra time and cost to their client’s cases, such as:

Allowing Your Certification to Lapse

In Leon County, all process servers must either be appointed and approved by the local Sheriff or certified by Florida’s 2nd Judicial Circuit. This approval/certification must be renewed at certain intervals to remain valid. If you forget to renew your approval/certification, all the services you provide will be invalid.

Serving the Wrong Person

It may sound crazy, but process servers on occasion actually serve the wrong person. This is usually due to two people having the same name. Either way, service is not considered valid until the actual intended target is served, so serving the wrong person just adds confusion and extra time to your job. It also leads to the next common mistake…

Disclosing Private Information

When you work as a process server, you often have access to personal information that people would prefer to remain private. It is your responsibility to treat people, even criminals, with respect by not disclosing their personal information to anyone other than those who are absolutely necessary. When you make mistakes like serving the wrong person or disclosing too much information to a friend or family member on the phone, you are violating the person’s right to privacy and could even face legal consequences.

Missing the Deadline

Everything in court is on a deadline, and process service is no different. There are deadlines that must be met for service to be considered valid, and they usually begin once the case is filed and a summons is issued. It is vital that you know and adheres to the deadline in each case you serve.

Efficient Process Servers in Tallahassee

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