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No, Process Serving is not Like the Movies

Serving legal papers happens a lot on tv and movies, and they all seem to play by different rules. Although, there are some process serving myths and habits that seem to be portrayed across all media. But, the bottom line is that most of what you see on the screen is just that–fiction on a screen.

What happens when a guy slams the door in the process server’s face?

In the state of Florida, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the person hasn’t been served. If the process server positively identified the target before the door was shut, they can leave the papers in the door jamb or other easily accessible place.

Is a process server really going to kick in my door if I refuse service?

A lot of movies show process servers kicking down doors, chasing people through alleyways, and getting into high speed car chases just to get legal papers served in some scandal of a case. But the truth of the matter is that a private process server is a civilian just like you, and must follow the same laws. That means that a private process server can’t go onto property marked no trespassing, and they can’t forcibly serve papers or cause any type of damage.

Do people really run from legal papers and try to disappear?

This is something that happens a lot in the crime shows. Some important witness or guilty party tries to disappear and run from being served. If they can’t be found, nothing can happen, right? In reality this is no deterrent to getting charges or lawsuits filed against you. If you run from a legal case, you can be tracked down through skip tracing of public records, and you will still have to answer the summons.

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