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The Consequences of Avoiding a Process Server

Have you ever wanted to make your upcoming court case even more stressful than it already is? 

Well, no problem, just avoid the process server!

Often, people mistakenly think that if they avoid service of process for a court case that they will never have to face it, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While avoiding a process server will temporarily delay the case, there are ways to serve someone without physically handing them the case documents. Once the process server has met the requirements for one of these alternative service methods, the defendant is considered served and the case will proceed. At this point, if the defendant continues to avoid the matter and doesn’t show up for the proceedings, a default judgement will be granted to the plaintiff.

Avoiding a process server can ultimately lead to:

  • Increased court and attorney fees
  • More time in court
  • Multiple process service fees
  • Possible default judgement for the plaintiff
  • Being charged and possibly convicted with contempt of court
  • Damaging your professional and personal reputation

The bottom line is that avoiding a process server is just going to cost you money and time. In fact, even though the plaintiff hires the process server, the judge will likely pass that cost on to the defendant in their judgement if the target evades service. Not to mention the fines that come along with a contempt of court charge, plus all of the lost wages from extra time spent in court and/or jail.

Overall, evading service of process just isn’t worth it.

If you’re dealing with an evasive defendant, Accurate Serve® in Tallahassee can help. Our team of process serving experts have the experience and resources necessary to find even the most elusive defendants. Call us at (850) 519-5494 or email [email protected] to find out how we can help you get your case back on the right track today!