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The Importance of Using an Accredited FAPPS Process Server

When you have an important legal matter to handle, you deserve to know that all essential legal documents are served and delivered with precision, efficiency, and speed. There are many process servers throughout the state of Florida, but only process servers who are accredited through the Florida Association of Professional Process Servers have the qualifications that help them go above and beyond to provide excellent service.

Requirements to Become an Accredited FAPPS Process Server

There are a number of steps required to earn the title of an accredited process server in Florida. First, an individual must be associated with the process server industry as an experienced process server, new trainee, or office staff member. Next, that person must attend the Accredited FAPPS Process Server (AFPS) Formal Education Course offered by FAPPS. Based on the material presented in the education course and other materials, an individual then must pass the AFPS Formal Education Course written exam.

With those three steps, accreditation is granted by FAPPS. This designation lasts 25 months from the test date and can be extended by another two years with proof of satisfaction of maintenance requirements like involvement in the field.

Finding an Accredited FAPPS Process Server In Your Area

Accurate Serve is a private service of process company with dozens of locations throughout Florida. Of the 27 accredited process servers listed on the FAPPS website, six are experts at Accurate Serve. Brennan Fogarty, for example, is an Accredited FAPPS Process Server who leads the Accurate Serve location in Tallahassee, Florida. Accurate Serve of Tallahassee specializes in serving insurance companies who are being sued, along with the many other standard responsibilities of process servers. Call (850) 519-5494 to speak to a professional at Accurate Serve and learn more.