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What is a Process Server?

Simply put, a process server is a person who hand delivers court case documents to the parties named in the case. Without some context, this definition may seem a little confusing. Why would you need some random person to deliver your case documents? Why can’t you just do it yourself? Is using a process server even required?

In Tallahassee, it’s not a matter of choice. Anyone filing a lawsuit must use either the sheriff’s office or a certified and approved private process server to deliver their case documents to everyone named in the case, including the defendant(s), witnesses, and other parties.

Process servers in Leon County can be certified by either the county sheriff’s office or a judge in Florida’s 2nd Judicial Circuit, which covers Leon, Gadsden, Jefferson, Wakulla, Liberty, and Franklin counties. The certification process involves several steps:

  • Completing and submitting an application
  • Taking out a surety bond
  • Recommendations from all six Sheriffs
  • A background check
  • Completing an educational seminar
  • Passing an exam

Once certified, where a process server can work depends on who certified them. If they were certified by the local sheriff’s office, they can only serve process in Leon County. If they were certified by the 2nd Judicial Circuit, they can serve in any of the six counties the circuit covers.

Process servers provide knowledgeable, quick, and efficient service of process for attorney firms and individual plaintiffs. By using a qualified process server, you are freeing up valuable police time to handle more serious matters. Our private process servers provide traceable, verifiable proof of service as well, leaving no doubt in court that everyone was properly notified.

Proper service of process is crucial for your case to progress in court. Mistakes while serving process can cause court dates to be rescheduled, extra expenses to be incurred, and can even give opposing parties grounds to request a dismissal of the entire case. Using a reputable process server ensures the integrity of your case will never be compromised.

For the most reliable, competent process servers in Tallahassee, contact Accurate Serve® at (850) 519-5494 or online today! All of our servers are properly certified and have access to the best resources to handle your process on schedule and on budget.