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What Is Alternative Service, and How Do I Arrange It?

You are probably aware that you have to notify the other parties to your case before it can be heard in the courts. This is called service of process, and it is necessary to protect everyone’s rights to defend themselves from legal action. But the pandemic is making it somewhat difficult to serve some individuals, particularly businesses. 

What happens when someone can’t be found or can’t be served at the appropriate location? 

Florida courts allow alternative service on a case by case basis for these types of situations. If the person who needs to be served cannot be located because they have moved and there is no known address, alternative service might be granted.

You may also be able to qualify for alternative service if the Florida rules of civil procedure do not allow for legal service under the current pandemic circumstances. For example, business agents and representatives are supposed to be served at their place of business, but that building might be closed to the public.

In order to get permission for alternative service, you must petition the courts with your request. The courts may allow the service method you suggest in your filing, or they may give you other specific instructions for alternative service.

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