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What to Look for in a Process Server

An important part of nearly any court case involving another individual or company is process service. The courts require that parties to court cases are notified in writing of the action and that they are given a chance to respond. If you are unfamiliar with this process, it is important that you have a good process server to assist you. Here’s what to look for in a process server so that there are no delays in your case.

Success Rate

No process server can have a 100 percent success rate. Sometimes people cannot be found to be served. However, it is important that your process server does have a very high rate of success. A success rate of 90 percent or higher is ideal. This ensures that you are hiring a process server that will do everything in their power to get your papers served, and as quickly as possible.

Tools Used

When you are looking for a process server, ask them what tools they use to find and serve individuals and companies. The more tools at their disposal, the more likely it will be that your papers will be served in a timely manner. Common tools used by process servers include GPS, skip trace software and services, social media, and other information gathering technology.

Turn Around Time

Ask the process server how long it will be before your papers are served. In some cases, you may have a specific window in which the papers must be served. Make sure that this window is observed by the process server. If the individual has to be found, ask for an estimate of how long it will take to track them down.

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