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Why Should I Hire a Process Server Instead of a Local Sheriff?

When it comes to serving legal documents, many people assume that the local sheriff’s office is the best choice. However, in many cases, hiring a professional process server can offer several advantages over relying on the sheriff’s office. In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of hiring a process server and why it may be the better option for your legal needs.

What is a Process Server?

A process server is a professional who is hired to deliver legal documents to individuals who are involved in a legal proceeding. These documents may include subpoenas, summons, complaints, and other court orders. Process servers are trained to follow local rules and regulations regarding the service of process and are often more experienced and efficient at delivering legal documents than a sheriff’s office.

Benefits of Hiring a Process Server

More Efficient Service

Process servers specialize in delivering legal documents, which means that they are often more efficient than a sheriff’s office. They have experience in locating individuals who may be difficult to find, and they are trained to deliver legal documents in a manner that complies with local rules and regulations. Process servers often have technology and resources that can help to streamline the job, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

More Personalized Service

When you hire a process server, you can work directly with the individual who will be serving your legal documents. This means that you can communicate directly with the process server and provide any necessary information or instructions. This can help to ensure that the service of process is carried out in a manner that meets your specific needs.

Better Communication

In many cases, working with a sheriff’s office can be impersonal and frustrating. You may be passed from one person to another, and it can be difficult to get updates on the status of your case. When you work with a process server, you are kept up-to-date on the progress of your case and can address any concerns or questions you may have directly with the server.

More Flexibility

Process servers offer more flexibility than a sheriff’s office. They are often available outside of regular business hours and can deliver legal documents on weekends or holidays. This can be especially beneficial if you need to serve documents to an individual who is difficult to locate or has a busy schedule.

Hire the Best Process Servers in Tallahassee

While the local sheriff’s office may seem like the obvious choice for serving legal documents, hiring a professional process server can offer several advantages. If you need to serve legal documents, it is important to work with a process server who has experience and expertise in delivering legal documents in your area, like those here at Accurate Serve® of Tallahassee. Just give us a call at 850-519-5494 or send us a work request online to get started today.