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Why You Need to Hire a Process Server

You may be wondering if you really need to hire a process server to deliver legal notices and case paperwork. It can be tempting to try to save some money in the budget by serving these documents yourself or hiring an uncertified server. Don’t do it! Not using a reputable, certified process server can have some severe consequences for your case!

Using a certified private process server is always a great idea because:

It’s the Law

In Florida, many legal documents, including court summons and subpoenas, must be served by either a certified private process server or law enforcement. If you use a process server that is not properly approved and certified, your entire case could be dismissed and you would need to completely restart the filing process. This will take extra time and add expenses to your case.

Your Time is Valuable

When you work at a firm that handles hundreds of cases each year, or even if you run a small operation where you play many roles, your time is limited. To be as efficient as possible, you need to learn to outsource tasks that don’t require your knowledge or expertise. Process serving is definitely one of these tasks.

Serving Process is Our Specialty

Process servers focus mainly on serving process, while law enforcement often wears many hats. Process servers are much less likely to make an error while serving process in your case, and errors can cost you lots of money and wasted time. In fact, errors while the serving process have been used as grounds to dismiss entire cases, so don’t take the risk!

We Handle Your Case Quickly

Court dates have strict timelines that must be followed or rescheduled. Defendants and witnesses must be notified of their requested appearance in court with enough time to adequately prepare their part of the case. At Accurate Serve®, we always start on cases as soon as we receive them to ensure that deadlines are never missed.

We Keep You Updated

Track the status of your process delivery 24/7 on our website by logging into our online status tracker. We’re also available by phone during business hours for specific questions and requests. No matter how frequently you want updates, Accurate Serve® gives you the information you want, when you want it.

Accurate Serve® is Tallahassee’s Premier Process Service Agency

If you need a quality process server in Leon County, trust the experts at Accurate Serve® to serve your case’s process quickly and in compliance with all Florida laws. Call us at (850) 519-5494 or send us your work request online to get started today. If you need service outside of our area, visit theaccurateservefranchise.com to find our office closest to you!