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A List of Types of Papers Process Servers Serve

Court schedules are jammed full of all types of cases, from serious criminal trials to simple civil lawsuits, and everything in between. All those cases require lots of different types of paperwork. Process servers are often tasked with delivering that court paperwork back and forth between the case parties. By efficiently delivering this paperwork and notifying parties of the proceedings against them, process servers keep court schedules flowing smoothly. In this post, we’ll go over some of the most popular types of papers that process servers in Florida serve.

Summons and Complaints

Two of the most common documents served by process servers are summons and complaints. These papers are used to initiate a civil lawsuit. The summons formally notifies the defendant(s) of where the court action is filed and when they are expected to appear. The complaint details the nature of the lawsuit, the allegations made, and the relief sought by the plaintiff.


Subpoenas are also commonly served by process servers. Subpoenas request that an individual, known as a witness, either appear in court on a specific date or produce evidence for said case. That evidence could be in the form of documents, video footage, electronic devices, or other things. Subpoenas are mandatory and anyone not complying with a subpoena is subject to criminal charges and fines.


A writ is any formal order issued by a court or government agency. Writs come in many types, such as writs of execution, writs of attachment, and others. Each writ serves a specific purpose and requires a specific action or response from the recipient. Process servers often deliver writs after court proceedings to notify defendant(s) of the actions being taken against them.

Family Law Orders

Unfortunately, child support and custody papers are very common types of paperwork delivered by process servers. Process servers exercise great caution when delivering these types of papers, as emotions tend to run high in these cases and that can be an indicator for violent behavior.

Divorce Papers

Another unpleasant type of court paperwork to deliver is divorce papers. These can include notices of formal separation, property distribution writs, and even temporary custody or child support orders. As with all family law cases, care and compassion is used by process servers when delivering divorce papers to avoid any potential negative reactions.

Eviction Notices

Eviction notices are on the rise lately, and process servers are often called on to deliver these types of legal notices. Whether it’s a 3-day notice, 7-day notice, or final eviction summons, process servers know how to handle these types of cases with tact and discretion.

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