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Don’t Let Your Lawsuit Suffer from Mishandled Paperwork

Keanu K. Krause of Hilo, Hawaii was recently arrested on a number of charges including unauthorized entry to a motor vehicle, third-degree theft, three counts of second-degree theft, and four counts of unauthorized control of a stolen vehicle. However, after his most recent court hearing, a paperwork mix-up led to Krause’s unintentional release from prison. According to Deputy Prosecutor Rick Damerville, “After his most recent court hearing, the sheriffs took him back to HCCC without the court’s bail order… Without the paperwork, the jail didn’t have the authority to hold him.”

After being released in the morning, Krause was quickly apprehended and brought back to jail within a few hours of the mistake. “The Third Circuit Court did not issue orders pertaining to bail or any related paperwork authorizing the continued detention of Keanu Krause at the Hawaii Community Correctional Center. The District Court dismissed his case and ordered his release. HCCC followed through with the order and released him,” explained Toni Schwartz, spokeswoman for the Department of Public Safety.

Though it seems improbable that such a small paperwork technicality could lead to a prisoner’s release, this is actually the third time that such a mistake has occurred in the area since 2013. This underscores just how essential the proper paperwork is to trials, lawsuits, and prison sentences alike. Whether you are personally involved in a court case or you are the attorney handling the case, it is critical to trust the delivery and communication of all essential paperwork to a professional process server who will not make silly and potentially damaging mistakes.

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