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How the Digital World Is Changing the Face of Service of Process

The serving of legal papers is a very important part of our judicial system, and it is important that it is carried out according to the law. But many argue that the law is outdated and needs to allow for digital service of process. Here is how the digital world and the pandemic are affecting service of process.

Pandemic challenges

There are even more challenges to serving papers in a pandemic than there were in the past. Many people want no contact with people outside their home at all. If someone is very immunocompromised, they may not even be going out for groceries or necessities. That means that they also might not open their door. How are these people to be served?

Newspapers are a thing of the past.

Courts across the country are starting to recognize that alternative proof of service by publishing an ad in the local newspaper is no longer a valid alternative means of service. The fact of the matter is that sales of print newspapers are decreasing with every passing year, especially in 2020. It may only be another few years before they are not available at all. Where does that leave people who can’t serve someone by normal means?

Some judges are taking initiative.

Although few courts have made it a policy to allow digital service of legal papers, it is something that is growing in popularity across the country. Some judges are taking the initiative to offer more reliable digital means of alternative service.

Did the judge deny your request to serve papers digitally? We can help you get through the service process.