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What You Need to Know About Process Servers and the Holidays

It can be frustrating to get a court case started around the holidays. Holidays always cause some delays in getting court dates scheduled. The holidays can also slow down the process of getting your legal papers served. Here’s what you need to know about process servers and the holidays.

No Legal Reason Not to Serve

There is no legal reason not to serve papers during the holidays. In fact, papers can be served almost anytime or anywhere within reason. However, that doesn’t mean that your papers will get served over the holidays. While it might seem like the perfect time because you know that they will be at home with their family, there are several reasons a private process server might not take advantage of this.

Respecting Family

The biggest reason that private process servers do not serve papers on holidays is because they have respect for the individual’s family and loved ones. Interrupting someone’s holiday to serve legal documents not only ruins their holiday, but it can ruin the holiday for their friends and family, as well. Most process servers will not serve papers on holidays for this reason.

Taking Time Off

Just like you want to take time off during the holidays, so, too, do process servers. No one wants to work on Christmas or New Year’s Eve. It should be understandable that these professionals take the holidays off just like most other businesses.

If you have papers that you need served in a timely manner this holiday season, we can help. There are many open days between now and the end of the year to get your papers served. Contact us today for more information.